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Electronic Cigarettes


It's every smoker's dream to be able to enjoy smoking without the dangers of burning tobacco and clogging their lungs with tar.

With our electronic cigarettes, this is now a reality and the equivalent of 200 cigarettes will cost you £4.50!!!

The sensation of smoking with our e-cigarettes is as close to the real thing as you can possibly get.

However, it's safer than smoking, MUCH cheaper than smoking and you use electronic cigarettes anywhere.

And don't forget that postage is completely FREE on any order over £30!!!

10 Reasons

  • A £5 bottle of e-liquid is equivalent to around 200 cigarettes
  • There is no tar to clog up your lungs
  • Your clothes and breath won't smell like an ashtray
  • Use these at home without making everything stink
  • You can use these where you wouldn't be allowed to use cigarettes
  • When you burn a cigarette over 4000 chemicals are contained in them
  • No burning, you are inhaling a vapour
  • No cigarette butts to dispose of
  • No ash all over the place
  • So, it's cheaper, safer and cleaner